Danielle Campbell Supporting Team Jayley: Haylijah Fans Not Happy With The Pair

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Last night "The Originals" was back with one topsy turvy episode putting two characters Hayley and Jackson (Phoebe Tonkin and Nathan Parsons) together despite the mid-season finale end that had Tonkin's character and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) together in love.

Danielle Campbell looks to be a heavy supporter of the new onscreen couple.

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Last night Campbell let her opinion out via Twitter causing some fans to disagree and others to be sharing her sentiment.

Campbell's statement brought about the discussion of who the better partner is for Hayley with many leaning towards Hayley and Elijah.

One fan above tweeted directly to "The Originals" writers to share how she felt it should really go down between Jackson and Hayley.

The pair has been hyped up since the first season of "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off and now all of a sudden things are falling apart for Elijah who is still bewitched in some manner and Hayley who agreed to marry Jackson.

At the end of the day it looks like "The Originals" writers are expanding on the old war between Vampire and Werewolves and normally in this war there is a love story brewing about the two warring sides.

It's a plot that has been used many times, but is obviously being executed in a different manner for "The Originals." If the show is able to bring the two warring sides together there will still be tension between Elijah and Jackson when Hayley takes the final step in the engagement.

The Elijah and Hayley love story has been teased and just when fans thought that they would finally get to see the two together things go in a different direction.

Honestly, the Haylijah love story might be the better of the two as it seems as if Jackson really has come out of nowhere to steal Hayley away.

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