Is Daniel Bryan Really Coming Back To Wrestle In The WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Match?

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Daniel Bryan retired from wrestling in the WWE a few years ago, although he has not been forgotten. This is because he appears nearly every week as the company's on-air GM of the Smackdown Live show.

Even though Daniel Bryan had to retire from wrestling due to him suffering multiple concussions, many doctors outside of the WWE have cleared him to wrestle again after a long break.

However, WWE itself has yet to comment about a potential return.

Well some surprising rumors emerged this week that Daniel Bryan could be wrestling in WWE again as soon as later this month in the 2018 Royal Rumble match.

Not only is he expected to participate in it, it's predicted that he could win it all.

This rumor comes from betting website Oddschecker (via NoDQ) that they have heard from their sources something big is happening between the current storyline involving Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.

The fact that Daniel Bryan could come back and wrestle AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 34 is a dream come true for many fans.

Not to mention the event is being held in the exact same arena he defied all of the odds to become the Undisputed Champion four years ago at WrestleMania XXX.

That said, nothing is official until we see Bryan inside the ring with our own eyes.

However, WWE could be kind enough to let Bryan wrestle again because Kurt Angle got cleared for in-ring action last year despite him having a history of a lot of neck injuries.

My guess is that WWE is doing all it can to convince Bryan to stay in the company.

It will be huge blow to WWE if Bryan decides to leave later this year when his contract runs out and he goes off to wrestle for New Japan or Ring of Honor instead.

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