Dancing Vine Video Goes Viral: You Can't Look Away

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We don't generally post about viral videos, but this one is trending up and there is a reason for it. It is only 6 seconds long, but try to not watch this more than once.

Rostrum Records artist Leon Thomas really got the ball rolling by Tweeting about it but saying I probably watched this link 30 times today .

Ever since then, there has been thousands of twitter posts about it and yet the video seems to still have not gone mainstream.

Say what you will about this one, but it is legitimately hypnotic.. and hilarious. The video features a group of people intensely dancing under what looks like a bridge.

And whereas we think the comment on the post is in bad taste, this one should continue to rise in viralness (that's a new word, tell Websters) over the next few weeks.

Type the link into Twitter and enjoy the stream of captions associated with the video.

So without any further ado, sit back and count how many times you watch this: