Dance Moms 'The Understudies' Recap, S4 E27

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On tonight's new episode of "Dance Moms" Abby's favoritism prompted displeasure from some mothers, and the Candy Apples Dance Studio team sought their first win against Abby Lee Dance Company.

With nationals only two weeks away, the pressure was rising for Abby Lee Miller (@Abby_Lee_Miller), the owner and chief choreographer of Abby Lee Dance Company, and her dancers. Throughout out the episode Abby continuously pointed out Maddie as the best dancer, and constantly compared the other girls to her.

This really bothered the mothers, so they used a board to keep track of all the times that Abby put the other girls down in an inappropriate way and compared them to Maddie.

Throughout the episode the board made appearances and the mothers pleaded their case to Abby, and to no surprise she laughed at their antics and claimed that if they don't like her teaching method that they can bring their daughters elsewhere.

Abby and the moms, especially Nia's mom Holly (@DanceMomHolly), butt heads time after time which lead to essentially irrational yelling arguments between the two parties.

In search for their first win against ALDC, Candy Apples Dance Studio director, owner, and chief choreographer Cathy Nesbitt-Stein brought back and gave a solo to former dancer Gino Coscullela for the Sheer Talent Competition in New Jersey. They believed that Geno would be able to perform better than Maddie, thus sealing them a victory in the competition.

To combat this move Abby gave a solo to Maddie despite potential scheduling conflicts; Chloe and Kendall were assigned as her understudies in case she misses the competition.

The understudies' mothers asked Abby to consider letting all three girls do the routine together, but again Abby shut them down.

In the competition both Geno and Maddie put on impressive performances in their respective solos. After the Candy Apples put on a flawless routine, it was revealed that, in an immature move, Abby withdrew her group from the competition because of the mothers' behavior towards her.

In the awards segment of the competition it was announced that Maddie beat Gino, finishing first while he came in second respectively. Candy Apples received a fourth place in the group competition.

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