'Dance Moms' Season 4 Finale: Challenges at Nationals

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On tonight's fourth season finale of "Dance Moms" Abby and the ALDC dancers sought their fourth straight national championship

The pressure of Nationals can be almost unbearable for some dance companies, but Abby (her Twitter) and her dancers have been there before and one would think they know how to handle it.

However distractions can run wild, and Abby seemed to not be paying enough attention to the routines as she searched for their fourth straight championship.

A lot of the girls' futures with ALDC were also under pressure as their performances at Nationals will directly affect their status at the dance company.

Cathy and the Candy Apples Dance Studio pulled a risky move and will be using the same song for their routing that ALDC's Maddie used in her solo just weeks before. Cathy brought in Keon from "So You Think You Can Dance?" last week.

In her strategy to throw off Abby she passed out apples to all the dancers in line and had them hold them out in front of Abby upon her arrival.

She continued her tricks to try to psych out the dancers of ALDC, however all of her attempts seemingly failed, as usual.

During the solos Kendall and Chloe performed flawlessly, while Kamryn fell but recovered beautifully as if it was part of the routine. Chloe finished fifth, with Kamryn finishing sixth, and Kendall finishing ninth in the solo competition. Abby brought her Select Team in to challenge against her Junior Elite Competition Team, and whichever lost was in trouble of not joining Abby in her new Los Angeles studio.

The group routines of both ALDC group routines and the Candy Apples group routine went without a hitch.

Candy Apples finished in fifth place overall, while ALDC's Select Ensemble finished second. Again Abby's Junior Elite Competition Team were the national champions for their fourth consecutive title.

Abby was ecstatic about the group dance success, however their disappointing solo routines upset her. Christi (@dancemomchristi) has had just about enough of Abby while her daughter, Chloe, has been part of the ALDC, and tonight they're status with the dance studio was threatened.

Christi stood up for her beliefs about how bad of a person Abby is, and in the end her and Chloe left ALDC.

The reunion special of "Dance Moms" airs Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.