Dan Bilzerian's Veteran's Day Tribute is Actually Heartfelt Even With a Machine Gun

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While most government officials and institutions are celebrating Veterans Day with a day off, Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian chooses to do quite the opposite.

There are no days off when it comes to being surrounded by half naked women and shooting guns.

In the video below Bilzerian mans a machine gun turret above a camouflage Hummer and proceeds to fire off rounds in grand fashion. Bilzerian is joined by two women one of whom jumps a bit when the bullet shells begins falling on her.

Though it really isn't the video that shows just how important Bilzerian takes the holiday.

It's more the caption of the post, which seems very heartfelt and sincere coming from a man who is mostly known for spending money, having women and playing a mean game of poker.

"I Wanna wish our veterans a happy #VeteransDay, respect to all of you for the sacrifices you've made, so others don't have to," said Bilzerian in his lengthy message about Veteran's Day.

"People ask a lot about my service, so for those that wanna know, I'm a 4 year Navy veteran. I spent a lot of that time going through BUD/S, I went through the entire program twice from start to finish and got admin dropped 2 days before graduation. That was a tough pill to swallow, I never really was good with authority, I pissed some people off, but at least in the end, they couldn't make me quit.

I made some good friends in the military, some I lost contact with, some are dead, but 2 of them are still my best friends 14 years later.

I've f**ked up many times in my life, but my regrets are not from the things that I failed at, but the things I didn't try.

People been telling me my whole life what to do, & I never really listened to any of them, think it turned out ok"

In his message there was a bit of self-reflection and ownership for his faults in life, though he maintains that the only thing he regrets is not trying some things that he may have wanted to.

It might seem surprising to some but given his time spent in the Navy and work with Wishes for Warriors, this doesn't surprise us at all.

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