Dan Bilzerian's Gun Room Is Insane

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While Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian continues to struggle with the loss of his friend Jackson Vroman, he took a brief break to show his fans and followers his office and it looks very much like a gun room straight out of the Matrix.

"Guns, lots of guns" isn't just one of Keanu Reeves many famous lines from The Matrix, it's also a very fitting line when it comes to describing Dan Bilzerian's arsenal which he modestly refers to as his office.

In the photo below, Bilzerian shows off his "office," where it's wall to wall arms and ammunition boxes. It's a gun owner's dream and if you know anything about Bilzerian, he doesn't play when it comes to using them either.

My office is a bit of a mess

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Meanwhile Bilzerian is still struggling with the loss of his friend Jackson Vroman and leaves a touching caption under a photo of him looking out the window of his private jet.

"Life passes most people by while they are making grand plans for it #RIPJax," read Bilzerian's caption to his friend. Vroman died in a somewhat freak accident at his home which Bilzerian explained to his fans and followers upon hearing from the police.

Death is hard for anyone to deal with and Bilzerian certainly is human despite contrary beliefs stemming from the lavish and outrageous lifestyle he lives.

He's never wanted a normal life and he'll more than likely continue to live life the way he use to with Vroman in mind.