Dan Bilzerian's Cat Gives Grumpy Cat A Run For Her Money: Celebrated National Cat Day On Instagram

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Instagram playboy extraordinaire Dan Bilzerian celebrated national cat day yesterday day by posting a photo of his cat who looks to be as excited as Grumpy Cat.

@smushball is fucking thrilled that it's #nationalcatday

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Bilzerian's cat Smushball, did not particularly care for to have her photo taken from the looks of the photo which Bilzerian captioned, "@smushball is f***ing thrilled that it's #nationalcatday." The sarcastic caption played on the facial expression his cat displayed that would rival that of the grumpiest cat on the internet, Grumpy Cat.

The playboy is another Instagram celebrity who has created a profile especially for his pets.

Smushball has her very own Instagram page with almost 500,000 followers, yes you read right, 500,000! Not many humans can say that they have almost 500,000 followers which makes Bilzerian's cat one of the most popular furry figures on the internet.

Bilzerian also posted a photo to celebrate the friendship with EDM DJ Steve Aoki. "I've been friends w @steveaoki before people gave a s*** about him & he knew me long before anyone gave a s*** about me," read the caption of the post.

In the photo Bilzerian and Aoki are surrounded by women in nothing but their lingerie and they both make it look like it's just a normal day in the life of Bilzerian and Aoki.

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on