Is Dan Bilzerian The Ultimate Playboy? From No Ladies In High School To 14 In One College Semester

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Gambling, check! Women, check! Guns, Check! Money, yep Dan Bilzerian has got that one covered as well.

Bilzerian lives a lifestyle surrounded by women, mainly pornstars as he did manage to throw one off a roof back in April causing Janice Griffith a broken leg, according to Everything is in the millions for Bilzerian including his Instagram followers which has now reached 3.5 million, surely his interview with Howard Stern boosted that one. There isn't much to his life that we know of so far.

Everything revolves around the afore mentioned materialistic things.

He is always surrounded by half naked if not fully naked women, but hey, he does manage to share it with the rest of us via social media so who are we to complain.

His interview with Stern was quite personal and he even explains that his high school years weren't the best especially when it came to the ladies. The drought didn't last long however, he managed to hook up with 14 girls in his first semester, so see, there is still hope out there! Bilzerian is just one of those guys who is good at what he does; gambling.

Sure his lifestyle is outrageous but the man does it in style.

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