Dan Bilzerian Spends His Day Surrounded By Half Naked Women And Guns

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While some were celebrating "Star Wars Day" yesterday, Instagram's favorite playboy Dan Bilzerian was having a grand ole time being surround by beautiful half naked women toting all sorts of semi-automatic weapons.

It's getting to become a bit too much of a norm for Bilzerian but don't tell him that, he'd probably go on about how you're upset because you don't get women.

Honestly it's been quite some time since Bilzerian did something extreme like crushing a BMW or shooting up and SUV until it explodes.

Is old age beginning to set in or is he trying to keep a low profile? One thing is for sure, Bilzerian does things on his own time, that is, unless he has some beautiful women to persuade him into changing his mind like the photo below.

"I wanted to stay home and play video games, but my associates convinced me to take them shooting @rosieroff @toochi_kash @jazelle_1," read the caption of the photo above showing the girls heavily armed with an outstanding array of weapons. Bilzerian may look and act like a man without rules but he bends them every once in awhile.

Take him giving up the camo-shorts/pants and black tee for a tuxedo when attending the White House Correspondents Dinner for example. That's not something anyone would expect from him in a million years. Keep the surprises coming Bilzerian.