Dan Bilzerian Releases An Epic 'Presidential Campaign Tour' Poster

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That fact that Donald Trump has announced his campaign for the 2016 election doesn't seem to scare Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian as he releases his epic "Presidential Campaign Tour" poster while overseas.

"They asked me what I wanted on my campaign flyer, I said I don't care as long as I'm riding a tortoise with a machinegun : 6/20 @cabanapoolbar & @uniunnightclub 6/22 @beachclubmtl 6/24 @marqueeny 6/25 @Royaleboston #Bilzerian16," said Bilzerian in the caption of the incredible photo seen below.

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It's pretty much only missing a few poker chips but the artist managed to capture Bilzerian in all his playboy essence. You'd think he would maybe want something a little faster than a turtle but who are we to judge.

Behind him in the photo are a couple of ladies on a boat and surprisingly enough, they are actually wearing some type of clothing. A bit modest for Bilzerian don't you think?

Bilzerian looks like he will be taking his tour through Toronto, Montreal, New York and Boston at a number of famous nightclubs. So if you believe in Dan Bilzerian for 2016 that's where you'd venture off to to support him. Bilzerian's initial announcement of the presidential campaign came from a previous poster featuring Bilzerian.

The poster was for the "Campaign Launch Party," on June 24 at Marquee in NYC. However, the recent poster shows that as his fourth stop on the tour.

Meanwhile, Bilzerian is still enjoying his time in Europe currently near the Isle of Capri in Italy, so we're not quite sure he'll be making his way back to L.A. anytime soon.

Oh what a life he lives. Check out some of his most recent vacation photos below.

Bible study

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Being a tourist... The Colosseum

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Headed back to our boat in Capri w @bp2269 & @missbelet

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