Is Dan Bilzerian Just Another Rich Kid Or Did He Earn His Money?

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If you've ever seen Dan Bilzerian's social media presence, then you know he spends most of his time cavorting with scantily clad voluptuous women and displaying his armament of weapons.

Based on this alone, it's clear that Dan Bilzerian has somehow accumulated a large amount of expendable wealth.

But just how did he get to be so rich? We got the inside scoop for you on how this Instagram star gained his fortune.

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Dan Bilzerian is of Armenian descent and has said that much of his family was killed during the Armenian genocide. Dan Bilzerian is also a former US Navy seal trainee and has described himself as a venture capitalist. Reportedly, Dan Bilzerian's father committed securities fraud and had a $62 million civil judgment against him by the Securities and Exchange.

His father continues to reside in St. Kitts.

Paul Bilzerian reportedly made his money through corporate takeovers and used various means, such as trusts, partnerships and charities to retains assets he allocated for his family, including those for Dan Bilzerian.

This fortune has been estimated to total nearly half a billion dollars.

Per GQ'saEUR

The younger Bilzerian has never denied that he has trust funds in his name. In fact, while he was still in Seal training, the government pressured him into putting up a third of one of them to get his dad out of jail - an act of generosity that didn't go down well at home. "He wouldn't talk to me for eight months," Bilzerian said. "He's some hard-headed bastard."

Following his stint in the navy, Dan Bilzerian matriculated to the University of Florida where he began to study business and criminology. And that's where he learned to play poker.

His skill in the game escalated until he reported that some weeks, he was making $90,000 per week. In fact, the Daily Mail, reported Dan Bilzerian made his $100 million net worth through his poker playing.

Much controversy exists around whether Dan Bilzerian made his money from his poker playing skills or his inheritance. Per GQ:

Some believe he made his own fortune in poker before his trust funds became accessible. Others argue that, quite the opposite, Bilzerian can only afford to take part in nosebleed-stakes games because of his dad's offshore assets, and that rival players don't just regard him as a fish [bad player], they see him as the ultimate whale [a fish with a seemingly never-ending bankroll]. When interviewed in July 2014 by the radio host Howard Stern, Bilzerian declared that his net worth was around $100m (?63m) - $50m (?31m) of it from the previous year's winnings - and said he has 20 employees, including three assistants and three chefs. (Bilzerian, it should be noted, doesn't pretend to be among the world's best poker players. He simply argues that he has access to, and is good at picking, the most lucrative private cash games.)

Of course, there's always Dan Bilzerian's massive social media following. Currently, Dan Bilzerian has 19.6 million followers on social media. And it's clear that signing a number of endorsement deals has brought him additional wealth.

So, what's our conclusion.

Something about this playboy's behaviors sparks of the entitlement and narcissism one only sees in the wealthy who inherit their money.

But one thing's for sure - this social media star continues to acquire followers and it seems there's no stopping that growth.

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