Dan Bilzerian Fans Get A Chance to Party With Him at Electric Zoo NY Festival

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Alright Dan Bilzerians of the world, the Instagram Playboy, poker player and gun toting bad boy Dan Bilzerian is planning on having some lucky fans and followers party it up with him at the 2015 Electric Zoo NY EDM music festival.

A few days ago, with the help of his beloved cat Smushball and an enormous castle of $100 bills, Bilzerian announced that he will be flying out four of his followers to party with him and the rest of his VIP crew at the 2015 Electric Zoo NY music festival.

"I am gonna fly out 4 of you to come party with me at my table @electriczoony," according to Bilzerian's caption.

"I have $500,000 of booze, I'm gonna need help drinking it... Go to the link in my bio to enter for free, contest entry ends on Saturday."

If you recall Bilzerian spent a total of $650,000 on a VIP area for him, his friends and a bunch of Playboy Bunnies. Bilzerian is giving back to his fans a bit by having them experience what it's like to party with the great Dan Bilzerian.

But really, four people can't possibly put that big of a dent into $500,000 worth of liquor, can they? Doubt it, however, if you just want to be lucky enough to share in the experience with Bilzerian, this might be a good time to try.

Just to put this into perspective, you'll be competing with 11.9 million of Bilzerian's followers on Instagram, 1.25 million Twitter followers and over 9.05 million followers on Facebook.

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