Is Dan Bilzerian Daring Instagram To Try To Ban Him?

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One of the biggest playboy's of this generation, Dan Bilzerian, looks to be taunting social media giant, Instagram with a few of his posts, but is he under the same immunity as Kim Kardashian?

I haven't gotten any pussy in a few days, heres a pic from when I used to get laid #ThisIsWhyICantFlyCommercial

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Here's where things get a little furry. The photo above was posted on November 30 and it shows a naked woman laying on her side.

Being the clever man he is, Bilzerian uses a headshot of his cat Smushball, to cover the nipples and a very small area of the woman's private part.

This prevents Instagram from implementing a nudity policy because, well, like it or not, she isn't fully nude.

In fact she is showing a lot less than Kardashian did on her spread for Paper Magazine which is still up on her Instagram page.

But does the fact that Bilzerian can get this close to having a fully naked woman on his Instagram page without them being able to say anything about it become a sign of him taunting them?

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

In the above photo uploaded three weeks ago, Bilzerian has his hands strategically placed as two topless women cut his hair. So you see, he is somewhat aware of the guidelines that Instagram has, however, he is doing the very most he can to get as explicit as he can without having these women bare their nipples and all.

Call him wasteful, flashy and an asshole if you want, but the man is clearly very smart with his Instagram posts.

He is obviously aware of the Instagram guidelines but wants to push the envelope just like he does with everything else.

I'm new to this sexting thing but I think the :) means she likes me

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