Dan Bilzerian Admits He Never Wanted A Regular Life: Out With Sarah Stage And Kate Compton

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The Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian finally admits that the life he lives is the life he always wanted, while tweeting an encounter with a woman that shows how shallow some people are.

I never wanted a regular life @thekatecompton & @sarahstage

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Bilzerian posted this photo of him next to two beautiful models, Sarah Stage and Kate Compton, and while everyone is use to seeing him with a slew of models or porn stars surrounding him, it's the caption of the photo that solidifies why he lives the life he does.

"I Never Wanted A Regular Life," read the caption of the photo posted to his Instagram page. Bilzerian lives a life of a stereotypical male train of thought.

Guns, women, cars, partying and action is what he is know for as well as being a mean poker player.

He lives the life almost as if he planned on being rich while everyone wanted to be a doctor, firefighter or whatever occupation someone can dream about.

He admits it and he lives it and for that you really can't knock him.

Meanwhile, his Twitter remains full of funny encounters with women and the latest one sounds a little shallow.

(Warning Tweet Contains Profanity)

Apparently Bilzerian had a run in with a woman who wanted to get into bed with him, however, the fact that they weren't friends on Instagram proved to be the reason that she would feel like "a whore" to quote Bilzerian's tweet, if she did end up hooking up with him.

Envy him all you want for the things that he is able to do and all his money but in this situation it is hard to envy someone who has to put up with something like that.