Dan Bilzerian Kidnaps A Nerd

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Recently in a winter hide a way up in the mountains somewhere Dan Bilzerian the famous Instagram personality decided to take a young computer programmer under his wing.

I think about any body with a Y chromosome would happily accept that wing.

My boy @kyle.sprick ain't worried about nuttin

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Kyle Sprick is officially a software engineer from the Sarasota Florida area.

His only education is a Bachelors Degree from Full Sail University in game development. So right now I'm sure you're asking how the heck did this kid meet Dan, am I right?

Not much can be deciphered when it comes to this very lucky young man. He has over 4 years experience but that doesn't really count for much.

Therefore there can only be speculation as to how this meeting came to be. Trapped in a winter cabin in the middle of nowhere with 10 supermodels.

Dan is never going to be boring so he took young Mr. Sprick's phone and made him his own Instagram account. Didn't take long for him to rack in about 10,000 followers within 24 hours.

Thanks @danbilzerian I didn't think I'd meet chicks this fast!

A photo posted by Kyle (@kyle.sprick) on

We'll have to wait and see what Kyle was actually doing there. If he was just making sure Dan could get all his Instagram posts up.

Or maybe just maybe there could be a game on the way from Bilzerian. Now that might be a potential money maker.