DaddyDaDa's Anti-Domestic Violence Music Video Will Make Your Day Better

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1, 2, 3, 4, No More Women On The Floor! The video was created by DaddyDaDa Productions, a company specializing in inspirational, positive music addressing various social and cultural issues, and named for the stage name of the singer songwriter.

"Treat All Women with Respect" is DaddyDaDa's first official release. According to the video's official YouTube page, "this video was created to help get the message out that it's time to bring an end to domestic violence and sexual assault."

Key themes represented by the video include:

1. Violence against women and children: "It's just wrong/And illegal too."
2. Anger management: "Keep your job/ Stay out of jail/ Control your anger/ And no more bail!"

Being a real man: "Don't be a baby daddy and walk away/ Be a father, it's ok to stay."

Being an attentive father: "Know your child, love your child, and provide/ She might be the next Beyonce, or Sally Ride."
5. Stand up for oneself: "It's ok to say no to men, and still be cool."

I think we can all agree DaddyDaDa is the hero we've all been waiting for, and we thank him for his efforts to raise awareness for violence against women!

Watch this priceless Internet gem here: