Dad Setting His Daughter Up to Chase A Goose Gone Wrong

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If you're a parent your life can sometimes a bit too routine.

Well, one dad tried to break the routine and have a little fun by letting his daughter chase after a goose, however, it backfires and might be a proper example of a parenting fail.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to YouTube and starts out with a picturesque scene by a lake. Clearly it was a day where the routine was thrown out the window and relaxation began to set in.

A dad begins filming a video and instructs his daughter to "go." By go he means chase the geese. Unfortunately the geese were not having it this day.

The little girl sprints off after the geese who are on the other side of the pond. She gets pretty close and also appears to tell the goose to "come get" her.

Well one of the geese clearly obliged her and chased her so much she stumbled to the ground.

The dad is thoroughly enjoying the show and begins laughing uncontrollably. Would you set you kid up like this? Check out the video below.

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