Dad Puts His Pants On While Holding Newborn: Take Notes New Dads

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Having a new born baby to hold while doing everyday tasks can make it a lot more difficult to accomplish them.

There have been some inventions to make it easier but this dad shows off his fun way of putting his pants on while holding his newborn.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to, a man is holding an adorable newborn but he came into a little rut when he needed to put his pants on.

Clearly he had done this before recording the video, as if he didn't, it might be worthy to question why he didn't the female laughing in the background hold the baby while he got dressed.

Either way the video shows off some impressive skills from someone in quite the situation. Manufacturers have made the baby carrying jackets to make tasks such as this one a lot easier but who needs it with skills like this?

Meanwhile, the newborn doesn't make a sound but instead eyes his/hers father as he makes a serious of strange moves with he/she in hand.

Good clean family fun and no newborn was hurt in the filming of this video. Check out the video below.

Watch the Video Below