Dad Catches Home Run With Baby In Hand

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So this video is a bit old, but we saw it for the first time today and just had to post it. Here is a good example of how men become super human when they become dads.

Not only did this dad catch a home run baseball with his bare hand and a baby attached to him, he did so with no context.

He was just re-entering the stadium after presumably stuffing his face with cotton candy, and he casually looks up to see a baseball headed his way.

The best part? He doesn't dance or throw his hand up. He just walks away. Classic dad smooth.

Part of us honestly wants to believe this is fake or too good to be true. And sure, it's possible.

But from the reaction of everyone in the stands and the announcers, this one seems pretty legit. So drunk guys with over-sized gloves take notice, this dad just showed you what a real man looks like.