The 'Dad Bod' Discussion Gets Real Steamy

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The "Dad Bod" trend has been heavily mocked since the initial reports of its significance.

Now, a few guys sit around having a discussion about the trend while eating their way to the perfect "Dad Bod" in the latest Steam Room Stories.

(Video Below)

The "Dad Bod" was recently mocked by Kristen Schaal on "The Daily Show" and it looks like the mocking won't cease, even if Father's Day is on the horizon.

A few guys are hanging out in the steam room and they look to have pretty fit physiques. They are all complaining about their lack or rolls, muffin-tops and love-handles as they pass around a box of sugary sweets.

The video was posted to the Steam Room Stories YouTube channel and sarcastically clowned the idea of having a "Dad Bod." Meanwhile, Schaal's mocking was a bit more sarcastic and heavier in it's mocking tone.

"What a great day for men," she said according to the HuffingtonPost.

"It's time society finally accepted that a man's body changes when he has kids.

Schaal continued praising the acceptance of the dad bod with a thick coat of sarcasm, adding that the trend will help men cope with unrealistic body expectations."

You can check out both of the funny videos below and let us know if you think the "Dad Bod" should be respected.

Watch the "Dad Bod" discussion below.

Kristen Schaal Destroys The Dad Bod