Dad and Son Time Equals Awesome Wrestling Extravaganza

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As a father spending time with your son is one of the best gifts you could give them. Jamie Baker and his son Noah have one of the coolest ways to spend time together and WWE fans will probably agree.

(Video Below)

In the video below, posted to Baker's YouTube Channel and then Reddit, Baker and his son Noah take part in their own wrestling extravaganza full of high flying action and busting through cardboard tables.

The video is cleverly titled, "When your kid annoys you part 2." Yes are more than one of these videos and they are absolutely hilarious.

The wrestling all takes place on the bed making sure there is a safe surface. As you can see in the video, Baker is very careful about where he is and how rough the action gets. The Batista-bomb through the cardboard box, while Noah sports a Batman outfit might just be the funniest one.

Noah was also allowed to get in on the action by performing one of those top rope wrestling moves that were made famous by WWE superstars like Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam.

If your husband likes wrestling and you leave him alone with the kids there's a strong chance that this might go down. Check out the part one and part two of "when your kid annoys you" below.

Part 2

Part 1