Cyclist Gets Owned By A Deer

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You set out for a nice afternoon ride and you're flying down the road in your respective lane. That's how one cyclist's bike ride started too bad a deer put an end to that right away.

(Video Below)

"Out for a nice Sunday afternoon bike ride" is the title of the Gif that was posted to Imgur and eventually found it's way to Reddit.

This seems quite likely to happy in New England during the summer and spring and while the video doesn't provide much information on where this took place it doesn't really affect the "impact" that the video will have.

A cyclist is flying down a winding road and it seems as if everything is going smooth. Well, a deer had a whole different idea for this cyclist's bike ride and jumps out right in front of the bike.

The next thing you see if the cyclist going air-born with the bike but there is no sign of the deer anywhere.

This is probably one of the most unexpected ways to end a bike ride. Check out the incredible video below as he cyclist gets owned by the deer.

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