CW's 'iZombie': Four Cool Facts About Rose McIver

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From the sought after role of Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time to the lead in "iZombie," Rose McIver has come along way from her days as a child actor.

iZombie Brains
She's got a strong stomach. On the set of iZombie the brains are made of coconut agar-agar bathed in corn syrup. That just doesn't sound pleasant to begin with.

For those who watch iZombie, you know that McIver eats the brains mixed in with whatever dish she's consuming. The actress always has a spit bucket with her on set but she admitted to New York Times that she ends up swallowing most of it.

Now think about all those times her character blended the brains into drinks. Yea, gross, but McIver manages not to throw up.

Warrior Princess Before Zombie Princess
She was in an episode of Xena. She played Daphne, a young girl whose body houses the warrior princess's soul.

McIver does a good job playing two characters interchangeably as Xena takes over the girl's body a couple of times through out the episode.

Only eleven at the time, McIver went on to win a TV Guide NZ Television Award for her performance in the episode.

Interviewing the Role
McIver has made it known that one of her goals in life is to become well known in the business but despite that she doesn't take every role that falls in her lap. She has a system of questions that help her decide if the role is worth taking.

It seems to be working for her as all of her most recent roles have brought her one step closer to that goal.

"When I look at jobs, one of the most relevant questions I ask is, 'Is this something I've done before or is it a chance to experience a new context, tone and relationship?' I also ask if it's a story worth telling and a character with a reason to exist."

Rose McIver Does Ballet
In 2014, McIver was in a TV movie on Lifetime called Petals on the Wind. She plays, Cathy, an inspiring ballerina.

The lessons that McIver took for the movie was not her first. Coming from a creative and artsy family, McIver studied ballet until the age of thirteen. Maybe, she'll eat a dancers brain in an upcoming episode.

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