Crystal Reed Posts 'Teen Wolf' Throw Back Photo Days Before Season 5 Premiere

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The first love of Scott's (Tyler Posey) life is no longer with "Teen Wolf," however, that doesn't stop the ex-"Teen Wolf" star Crystal Reed from posting a throwback photo days before the season five premiere.

In the caption of the photo below, Reed said that she felt much more comfortable behind the camera but she missed the cast and crew.

Reed's character in "Teen Wolf" Allison was killed off in season three after Reed decided she no longer wanted to continue her role.

"I felt like, creatively, there were things I wanted to do differently, and I wanted to explore other avenues of film and TV," Reed said in a EW interview. "I wanted to jump into different characters.

You know, I'm 29. So I think the age difference was something I wanted to change as well because she's 17. I love the show so much."

Now, Scott's new love goes to Arden Cho's character Kira.

MTV's "Teen Wolf" really upped the ante when it came to a twisting plot-line and eerie happenings on the show in season four, making the fifth season one of the most anticipated ones yet.

Scott is now forced to protect the new woman in his life along with taking the responsibility of being the "Alpha" in his new pack.

Fans have been waiting all year for the season five premiere and now it's just a matter of days as "Teen Wolf" season five is set to premiere on June 29 and 30 as a part of a two night season premiere event.