Crossbones 1x03 Preview: What to Expect When You're....Buried Alive

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I know you're all just as excited as I am to see Kate Balfour kick some ass, and A Daring Rescue presents a chance for her to do so.

Kate gets kidnapped (yawn) and beat up a little (gee, I think I've seen this before...) and our Tragic Hero(TM) Mr. Lowe must go after her and save her as she is most definitely his Love Interest.

The bad news is...I don't think Kate survives this episode.

Think about it; it has all the hallmarks of a fridging. Our Hero needs some character development - boy, does he ever - and Kate's kidnapping and death is supposed to supply him with that.

He can angst over her disappearance and show the audience that he's a more useful Love Interest for her than her actual husband since he's confined to a wheelchair with crippling pain from being tortured by the English, and as we all know, disabled people are a drain on society and are bad choices for husbands.

I'm making a really grumpy face right now.

What's more, Kate's kidnapping and live burial will force yet another so-bland-it's-thrilling confrontation between Lowe and Blackbeard, who seems to actually care about Kate to the extent that I care about the hammer hanging out in my kitchen drawer: I need it every once in a while to perform a task, and would be damn upset if it had gone mysteriously missing when I needed it, but in between hanging pictures on the wall I tend to forget it's even there.

Hopefully Crossbones proves me wrong, but as they've already pitted the lying Mr.

Lowe against the disabled James Balfour and Lady Kate gets kidnapped in previews for the next episode...I suspect Crossbones will be nothing but a rehash of tired old tropes.

What makes me think that Kate will die, you ask? Well, aside from having watched television before...Claire Foy, the actress who plays Kate, is only listed as appearing in two episodes of Crossbones on its IMDb page.

It's hard to argue with that.