'Creepy Uber Driver Locks Himself In His Car With A Drunk Passenger'

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This video is extremely disturbing as a creepy Uber driver locks himself in the back seat of a car with a drunk female passenger and it seems as if he's allegedly trying to take advantage of the situation.

(Video Below)

The video was originally posted to the Johnny Gigantic Facebook Page, then to the YouTube page of Jarrett Abello and finally surfaced on viral site Reddit.

The Facebook user captioned the video with an explanation of where he got the video and exactly what was going on.

"Creepy Uber Driver Alert: Ewww my friend just shared this on her page from a Uber trip she had tonight in Avalon, NJ tonight," read the caption. "The driver got in the backseat with her and started fondling himself."

In the car you can hear the driver complimenting the female on her "beautiful body" and she just keeps saying "I don't." It's very troubling but the driver looks to notice how weird and creepy the situation is and makes his way out of the backseat.

The video starts at a point where the driver is in the backseat so what transpired before or after is still unknown, however, this excerpt doesn't look to good for the driver.

According to Uber they promote the safety of the passengers by ensuring that drivers are subjected to a background check.

"BACKGROUND CHECKS YOU CAN TRUST Every ridesharing and livery driver is thoroughly screened through a rigorous process we've developed using constantly improving standards.

This includes a three-step criminal background screening for the U.S. -- with county, federal and multi-state checks that go back as far as the law allows -- and ongoing reviews of drivers' motor vehicle records throughout their time on Uber."- Uber

Uber is a car service that is gaining popularity by the day. People who want to make money driving others to their destination can sign up on the website.

Their name and contact information is sent to all those who use their service so this situation may more than likely have been sorted out.

This video is both alarming and creepy especially for others who are looking to use the Uber service.

Check out the shocking video below.