Crazy Video of Roman Candle Street War In Chicago

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This has got to be straight stupidity personified as some Chicago residents have a shootout with Roman Candle fireworks in the streets and it's all captured on video.

(Video Below)

"You haven't lived if you haven't engaged in the highly dangerous yet thrilling pastime of fighting with fireworks," joked Timothy Burke of Deadspin.

"We mostly used bottle rockets where I come from, but here are some friends (or gang rivals, depending on who you're asking) on Western Ave. in Chicago using roman candles as the weapon of choice."

The video below shows a dangerous and downright foolish display of what happens when fireworks are misused. Chicago is known for being one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. It's even earned the name Chiraq by many who live there and Hip-Hop artists who grew up in dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. The name has also inspired Spike Lee's documentary that addresses the gun-violence in Chi-Town. They are probably more accustomed to hearing about shootouts with real guns but when you don't have those you have to improvise right? Check out the insane video below and let us know your thoughts on the madness in the comments.

Watch the Roman Candle Shootout in Chicago below.