Crazy 'Ferry Freak Out' Video Posted To YouTube: 'You Have No Understanding Of Peoples Feelings'

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What happens when an adult has a temper tantrum? The video of a woman freaking out at a ferry station describes it all.

(Video Below)

Most of what the woman says is hard to understand because of the audio, however, the screaming and stomping is completely clear for everyone to see.

In a video posted to the YouTube page Peter Flaatten, a woman has an exchange with a worker at a kiosk that turns into something very un-lady like.

"I snapped this video at the ferry when i suspected a lady in line was getting a little out of line and my intuition was right and this is what happened," read the caption of the video that at this point only has 13,183 views which is good for the woman who got upset.

The woman begins saying "You have no understanding for people's feelings," that statement then turns into a scream of "You have no idea what this means." She stomps and kicks down as she makes her way out of the station.

After the debacle, the man recording and others around him react to the crazy freak out that just occurred in front of them.

Not sure what the issue was here but in this day and age of technology it's best to save you're anger until you get home or you might just end up on the Internet.

Watch The Ferry Freak Out Below