'Couples Therapy' S5 Ep. 5: The Truth Hurts

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Tonight's new episode of "Couples Therapy" saw the couples get shaken up by the visit of a human lie detector, while Evel Dick revealed his secret to the group.

Last week Evel Dick Donato (@EvelDick) revealed to the public and secretly to Dr. Jenn that he was HIV positive, and tonight he struggled whether or not to tell the group. Dr.

Jenn brought in interrogation and body language expert Janine Driver (@janinedriver).

She immediately started grilling the group, minus Jenna and John, to see why each of them were there for the therapy. Mostly everyone told the truth, but Evel Dick struggled in how he would deal with her interrogation of him:

People were starting to pick up on that he was holding in some secret while Evel was sharing, and Stephanie holds some animosity towards Dick because of they way he handled their situation. She even told Janine that there was zero chance of her and Dick getting back together.

After separate one-on-ones with Dr.

Jenn Stephanie and Evel Dick agreed that being open about it is best for his well-being.

In a group session he shared his secret about having HIV with the group, who all were shaken up emotionally upon hearing the news, especially Juan Pablo:

In the exercises with Janine, Juan Pablo (@JuanPaGalavis) and Nikki (@Nikki_Ferrell) again butt heads over whether or not he is giving her one-hundred percent. When Janine asked him if he loved Nikki, he beat around the bush with his answer before finally saying no, although he said he is falling in love with her.

Juan Pablo keeps using his culture and the cultural differences as an excuse for things, and people are calling bulls*** on that, especially Nikki.

Juan Pablo says it is simple, that people just don't understand his feelings and where he is coming from:

Cicely, meanwhile, used Janine as a tool to tell if Treach (@triggertreach) was telling the truth about being faithful to her.

At this point all of Cicely's questioning about Treach's loyalty is getting annoying, not just to Treach but to everyone:

After interrogating him Janine believed that he was telling the truth about being faithful to Cicely. However Cicely still didn't believe the positive results of Janine's findings and opinion and for some reason she is holding onto the concept that Treach, aka Mr.

OPP, is still unfaithful.

Treach summed how everyone was feeling about the session: it was "f***ed up." Treach ended up sleeping on the couch away from Cicely, and again in the morning she was still holding onto her trust, more like mistrust, issues.

Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) and John missed the group session with Janine, and John expressed that he was happy that they avoided all the stress that came from that.

Cicely was really bothered that Jenna and John were able to skip out on the interrogation session, which just furthers Cicely's ridiculousness.

An all new emotional episode of "Couples Therapy" airs Wednesday, Oct. 15th at 9 p.m. on VH1.