'Couples Therapy' Recap: Nikki's Rage Reignites, S5 E3

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On tonight's all new episode of VH1's "Couples Therapy" the couples' trust issues were discussed with Dr. Jenn, who also had to deal with the rising tension between her and Nikki.

Juan Pablo Galavis's (@JuanPaGalavis) girlfriend Nikki (her Instagram) has been very vocal with her displeasure in the producers and the camera operators of the show, and tonight her battle with Dr. Jenn intensified.

She can't stop saying how obnoxious the cameras and produces are and takes her frustrations out on Juan Pablo, which Dr. Jenn acknowledges.

Dr. Jenn met with Juan Pablo to get his take on how Nikki has been acting, and how he feels about how rudely she talks to people. He confesses that he tries to figure out what brings out her frustration, and all he gets is more rude answers. Dr. Jenn notices how when Nikki gets stressed she gets very brash towards people, and she tells Juan Pablo needs to really listen and understand Nikki better.

Dr. Jenn met with Nikki one-on-one about her problems with therapy process, and Nikki believes that because of the cameras she can't communicate and work on things with Juan Pablo. Nikki admits she is more of a private person than she thought, and Dr.

Jenn warned her that she is now a celebrity.

In regards to how Nikki rudely communicates with Juan Pablo, she told her she needs to calmly bring up her issues with him in order for them to work out their issues.

In group therapy Nikki brought up the important issues of trust and fidelity within a relationship, which would be a driving force for the rest of the episode. Dr. Jenn brought up how in this modern era technology makes trust so much harder between a couple.

The girls of the group clearly expressed how much they hate social media because of all the girls that try to interact with their significant others. Nikki hit the nail on the head by saying a lot of times the guys tell the girls to stay home from events, and Dick (@EvelDick) offered his opinion of how the guys would rather deal with the "bull****" at home than at the actual event.

The different views between the guys and the girls clearly showed Dr. Jenn what each couple needed to work on for themselves.

After the group session everyone seemed on edge as if they all had something some sort of opinion they wanted to share. Treach (@triggertreach) and girlfriend Cicely have the biggest trust issues in the house.

The early part of this season has shown that trust is the biggest issue of their relationship, as Cicely believes that he has cheated on her in the past.

The grounds of their trust issues seem shady on both sides, and their arguments intensified.

The other girls of the house are getting frustrated with Nikki's complaints of the camera, and they tell her that she should know what she signed up for when she agreed to come on the show.

While Cicely says it's time for Nikki to grow up, Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson), who joined the show last week, offers Nikki advice to stand up and say how she really feels about the cameras always being around.

On the morning of day five group therapy was called, and Nikki was put on the spot by Dr. Jenn.

She calls out Nikki for not putting in the proper work and using the cameras an excuse to not work on their relationship.

And then she took her anger out on Jenna for using harsh language about the producers, and the tension between Dr. Jenn and some of the members is at an all-time high.

The next episode of "Couples Therapy" airs Wednesday Oct. 1st at 9 p.m. on VH1.