'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap Episode 7: What is the Craziest Duggar Courtship Rule?

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On tonight's episode of TLC's 'Counting On', we're hoping that the moment for an engagement between Jinger and Jeremy has finally arrived. We'll see just how "fast track" Jinger and Jeremy are.

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This episode takes off with Jinger, Jessa and Ben on their way to Texas to visit Jeremy and his family in Dallas. It turns out their flight is delayed, and so they have some time to kill in the airport. The episode then gives us some flashbacks of prior courtships in the Duggar family and we get to see everyone talking about their opinion of the Duggar courtship rules. The Duggar brothers reflects that Ben was definitely the most nervous.

Derick tells us that ingratiating yourself with Jim Bob Duggar is essential. On the flip side, the Duggar girls talk about John David and who they'd like to see them with.

John David works as a part-time police officer and also helps with the family business in property management, construction and real estate.

Joseph and John David talk about what it is they're looking for in a brother-in-law and the importance of being a gentleman during the courtship of their sisters. Another key element of a Duggar courtship is physical distance. Ben and Jessa take credit for being the creators of the side hugs.

Jessa jokes that parents everywhere are thanking her for that one. Additionally, all of the Duggar son-in-laws discuss the importance of having a chaperone during dates.

Luckily, there's no limit to the number of Duggars so anyone from the youngest Duggar to parents have acted as chaperones on dates.

One point about Duggar courtships is that a number of them have taken place long distance. As a result, keeping your phone charged is key.

Meanwhile, Jinger discusses how thrilled she is to be meeting up with Jeremy. Jeremy has a chance to show his parents the engagement ring he bought for Jinger. It soon becomes clear that this engagement is imminent!

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