'Counting On' TLC Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Jinger Has To Do What?

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It's Episode 2 of Counting On and it becomes clear in only the first few minutes of the episode that Jinger is on a mission! And that mission is to get married by the end of the season.

The episode begins with Jinger Duggar informing us of Jeremy's many talents. He used to be a professional soccer player but felt the need to leave the game to become a preacher of the gospel. We also learn about the rules of "courtship," in this episode of Counting On.

Reportedly it does involve "dating," but think much more conservative, considering the end result is meant to be marriage. We learn that "side hugs" are allowed but "front hugs" are a no-no.

Jeremy is emphatic that it only makes sense for them to be "physical" in marriage.

The family also has a celebration of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy's courtship with a take-out meal. Jinger's sisters are fans of Jeremy while her brothers remain more guarded.

Jill and Derick also get to weigh in when they video conference with Jinger and Jeremy.

Next on Counting On, the Duggars take a camping trip. Everyone enjoys setting up a camp fire and learning survival techniques.

Meanwhile, we get to see Jessa Duggar and Ben working out with Spurgeon. Jessa admits that Ben is her main motivation.

Ben decides to use his passion for football and his wish to mentor young children to start a football camp. Jessa articulates her pride in Ben since she believes everyone's calling should be to help others.

The Counting On episode takes on a more somber tone with Jill Duggar and Derick talk about the precariousness of their current living situation but ends a on lighter note when Jill talks about having a second child.

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