'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap: Season 2 Episode 3 - Did Jill Just Announce Another Baby?

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With the latest news that Jessa and Ben are pregnant again, "Counting On" had us looking for hints of what would be next for this couple.

But more details on their relationship aren't the only highlight of this episode of "Counting On."

The episode kicks off with John David's account of an expected surprise on the Duggar wilderness survival trip: a bear! Jinger informs the camera of the shocking finding - a bear reportedly came into the camp and nearly attacked Joy Duggar. However, she was able to get out of the hammock where she was resting in time. The drama builds, however, when the group of Duggar siblings is taken on another wilderness training adventure. Jinger comments on how tough it's been on her not to have cell phone reception at a time when she's courting Jeremy.

Still, this doesn't keep Jinger from taking photos of herself and texting them to Jeremy. Josiah and Joy also note how tough it's been for Jinger to be away from cell phone reception.

Joy discusses the difficulty of going camping while wearing skirts. She talks about how wearing a skirt is a custom for all of the women in their family and always has been.

The first task of the wilderness training is learning to drink water. Everyone has a taste to learn how to identify whether the water is safe to drink.

However, the Duggar siblings don't necessarily enjoy drinking from the same glass. Jinger comments on how it often surprises people to find out that there are several germaphobes among the Duggars, despite the number of people living in their household.

Next, we learn more about what Jill and Derick have been up to. It's their anniversary and a trip to a nice hotel was gifted to them, so they get to enjoy a hot shower and air conditioning. Israel gets to stand in a bathtub, which Jill and Derick don't usually have access to. Jill marvels at how time has flown, especially since they had Israel and moved to El Salvador.

Derick appreciates the security in the hotel, since security is usually a big concern for them. Israel gets to enjoy a swimming lesson with his father. Jill is proud to watch her son bond with his father.

We get to watch our next set of parents, Jess and Ben, play with Spurgeon. Ben jokes that Spurgeon has been expanding in every direction.

Jessa and Ben decide to visit their friends, the Youngs and give their son some of Spurgeon's clothes.

Jessa and Ben talk about the importance of hand-me-down clothes and how much they value them. Jessa invites the camera into a tour of the Duggar family storehouse of hand-me-downs.

Jessa and Ben then visit their friends who are also young parents. Jessa appreciates all of the questions coming from her friend, Kristen.

We're kept guessing, however, when Jessa makes a cryptic remark about wanting more kids. Could this be a hint?

Meanwhile, the Duggar siblings continue their journey through their wilderness adventure tour. All of the Duggars admit to respecting their guide and his knowledge base.

Jinger gives us a view of Jeremy on the phone and again expresses her frustration about being unable to be together.

Soon, it's time for Jill and Derick's anniversary date. Jill notes that Israel needs a sibling. When the producers ask if she's pregnant, however, Jill remains tight lipped.

The episode begins to tie up with a few last wilderness lessons. Jinger admits to driving her siblings a little crazy with the intensity of her communication with Jeremy.

Still, her younger sisters are reluctant to give her a hard time, given that they recognize they might behave worse when they start courting.

Considering the Duggars haven't had access to showers, we'd actually say that these siblings are getting along pretty well!

And that's it for this episode of "Counting On" - our guess of what the next episode holds? More of Jinger's swooning and Jessa's baby madness.

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