The Countdown to Rob Dyrdek & Bryiana Noelle's Wedding is in Full Swing

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If you're in your lower-mid 20's and loved MTV shows, chances are you grew up watching Rob Dyrdek through middle and high school.

Being able to see his journey has been pretty amazing and Dyrdek has been letting fans in on another journey of his, his upcoming wedding to soon to be wife Bryiana Noelle.

Dyrdek started a "24 Days" countdown which he posted to Instagram along with a photo of the wedding invitation which can be seen below.

Noelle and Dyrdek got engaged earlier this summer in a magical Disney fairytale setting. Now just months after the two will soon be tying the knot.


A photo posted by Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek) on

Earlier today, Dyrdek posted another memory up counting to commemorate a memorable night that he and Noelle had during her Iconic Beauty Competition. Noelle wants to stress women's empowerment, mentorship and personal development through her program.

So, you can pretty much see why Dyrdek fell in love with her. Today marks 22 days until the wedding and the two seem to look even more in love by the day.