Could 'The Originals' Star Daniel Gillies' Character Elijah Be Killed By His Brother Klaus?

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If there is one important detail that fans gained from this weeks episode of "The Originals" titled, "City Beneath the Sea," it's that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has formed a dangerous pact with Dahlia (Claudia Black).

This could mean bad news for Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and the rest of the Original family.

The buzz around "The Originals" fandom is that Klaus is going to have to tear through one if not all of his siblings as well as the mother of his child Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), if he wants to protect his child from becoming a monster.

Who better to have convinced him of this deed more than Dahlia, the evil witch who has turned the entire world of the Original family upside down.

When Klaus is in one of his most ruthless moods he's willing to take out anyone in his path, so is it possible that maybe Daniel Gillies' character Elijah would be the one to suffer.

Here's what fans have learned this season about Elijah. He's the most selfless brother of the two but has been pushed to the edge a few times this season proving that he can still get bloody. He sacrifices being with the woman he loves so that she can build an army for his daughter.

He stood by his brother the entire time until Klaus misled him into thinking that he murdered Aiden. Surely Klaus will forgive his brother for the lapse in judgement and placing the dagger through his chest right? That might not be so.

Though Elijah claimed to be the good guy and on his brother's side he still chose to take him out of a plan which involves saving Hope, the only thing Klaus seems to care about right now.

The entire season has shown Elijah as a leader alongside his brother. When one leader flexes too much power they are often dealt with by another more powerful heir. What Elijah has done by staking Klaus with the dagger qualifies as a reason for Klaus to react in a harsh way.

This season, Rebekah has been a part of the storyline but she hasn't had as much of an impact on what's going on with Hope or being protective over her. If Klaus turned his attention towards taking Rebekah, Elijah would just get in the way of it bringing him to his end.

Due to the selfless nature that Elijah posses, he wouldn't let harm come to his family, Hope or Hayley, which means he will most likely have to be the one that stands up to Klaus.

Unless, Freya enters the picture and plays a much more cynical role than she has been as of late. Freya might be one the only witches with the power to defeat Dahlia.

She knows her motives and has the most experience in dealing with her.

However, she too was betrayed by Elijah so would he still be a meaningless casualty? Then there is Davina who was offered an immense amount of power from Vincent.

Davina has her own score to settle with Klaus but is she too caught up on bringing Kol back to even care about Dahlia and the rest of the Original family?

Either way you look at it, Elijah seems to be the one that has the most to lose without any protection from Freya or Davina. Though, Klaus has always been close with his brother and has been known to act as if he is aligned with an enemy for the greater good. He is a very sneaky and cunning hybrid with an immense amount of power.

Maybe he's just waiting for Dahlia to strike against his siblings so he can trap her in the moment. There are so many ways that the story can go and no one is safe as the storyline for "The Originals" has proven time and time again in it's twisting nature.

This is the Empty Lighthouse prediction, what do you think will come of the dangerous partnership between Klaus and Dahlia? Let us know in the comments below.