Could Aaron Hernandez's Financial Situation Have Contributed To His Suicide?

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Reports are out this morning that Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL star who was serving a life sentence for murder, has committed suicide in prison.

According to a prison spokesperson, Hernandez hanged himself using a bed sheet in his cell overnight.

At this point, authorities are not attributing a motive to Hernandez's suicide, but the timing of the incident is strange, given the fact that Hernandez was just acquitted in another murder case.

It would seem that after fighting and winning such a case, Hernandez would be less likely to commit suicide that he had been before.

However, there is one thing that has changed negatively in Mr. Hernandez's life recently: his financial situation. Is it possible that Mr. Hernandez committed suicide partially because he had run out of money?

Aaron Hernandez Acquitted of Murder Charges

The timing of her Mr. Hernandez's suicide is very odd.

In 2015, he was convicted of the murder of a man named Odin Lloyd, and he was sentenced to life without parole.

But there was another pending case against him, and that case was decided last week, when he was acquitted of additional murders.

Although he was found guilty of some minor additional charges, and he was sentenced to additional jail time, the consensus was that this was a major win for Hernandez.

There may have been nothing in the news that would lead him to be excited about his future, but there was also no additional incentive for him to want to commit suicide now, as opposed to before this most recent trial.

Aaron Hernandez Broke?

So why would Aaron Hernandez commit suicide? While we may never know for sure, there was an interesting article in The Squander last week about Hernandez's financial situation.

According to The Squander, Hernandez was essentially broke at the time of his suicide: during his employment with the NFL, he had signed a large contract for tens of millions of dollars.

But a lot of that money was lost after he was accused of murder the first time.

In addition to that, he had to cough up millions to pay damages from a lawsuit by Lloyd's mother, and he racked up millions upon millions of dollars in legal fees.

In fact, he was recently trying to sell off his assets in order to find money to pay for lawyers.

The Squander suggests that Hernandez was broke at the time of his death - Hernandez may have owed more to his creditors, including his legal team, then he had in assets.

Could Hernandez's financial state have helped push him over the edge? It's likely to have been a blow for him to understand how much he owed after the acquittal.

However, we definitely don't know at this point for sure, and will have to wait to see if we get any more information.