Mariah Carey Becomes A Drink Flavor

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Former CEO of Def Jam and Founder of KWL Enterprises Kevin Liles has launched Go N'Syde's newest flavor Butterfly in collaboration with Mariah Carey.

All Go N'Syde beverage bottles include an Augmented Reality integration platform.

The unprecedented move brings an exclusively curated virtual entertainment network to the masses via any smart phone device and a Go N'Syde bottle. Butterfly is now available exclusively in 7,500 Walgreens nationwide and NY Metro area Duane Reade locations.

By holding any smart phone device up to a Go N'Syde bottle, customers will be able to access an entertainment network curated by Global Superstar Mariah Carey, allowing them a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her world -- #NoFilter! Customers will be treated to a private experience, blurring the lines between consumption, culture, entertainment - and reality.

The ground-breaking collaboration is launching with a multi-million dollar campaign and commercial using Mariah's hit song, "Thirsty" from her critically-acclaimed new album, Me. I am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse.

The first partnership of its kind, Mariah Carey and Kevin Liles will revolutionize the entertainment and consumer marketplace by providing an innovative and personalized platform that grants fans unprecedented access to history-making content in the form of augmented reality.

The result is a never-before-experienced intersection of pop culture brought to Walgreens customers easily and affordably via their favorite neighborhood location.

"I am thrilled to partner with Mariah Carey as she embarks on this new journey as CEO of her own beverage and virtual network," Liles says.

"Mariah is an icon and one of the world's most premiere artists, and with her Butterfly network, she is able to invite fans into her world like never before."

"It's easy to see why I'm 'so obsessed' with my new drink Butterfly," Carey says. "I never dreamed that I could have an interactive experience with my fans while drinking my own beverage! The whole concept is innovative and refreshing and the drink is beyond...

Tastes so good! Looking forward to sharing many splashes with you. Cheers!"