TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 13 "Tonight's the Night"

Apparently this was Chicago Fire's last episode before a break leading into the Olympics. Anyone who knows anything about an episode of a show before a break knows it is going to be a great episode with a few cliffhangers.

Because if not, why should anyone tune into your show when it comes back? It is similar to the pilot in terms of you gotta snag the viewer and make them want to tune in for the next episode.

Luckily like usual, Chicago Fire delivered. It all started with an early call about a drunk driver who hit a woman and slammed into a utility pole.

The pole tips over and sets the car on fire.

This escalates and knocks out part of the power around the area.

I'm certainly not qualified to speak on it, but it seemed like the overhead shot they used to show how much power went out was a little exaggerated to the point where it could have been a recycled shot from NBC's Revolution.

I realize I put a rather obscure reference there, but I digress. Wasn't a big deal. Especially after it spawned so much great story with everyone packed in the station.

Naturally, Dawson is pulled back into the station to help out. Her instincts to help the ambulances annoyed Rafferty who took her spot.

Although this time, it wasn't homophobia that made Rafferty get angry - she had an actual point. She just wanted a chance to fill the huge shoes that Dawson left without having Dawson lingering around the job. Understandable.

I liked this for really one real reason. Along with Severide telling Dawson her current scores on practice tests means she'll fail the physical firefighter's exam, Dawson continuing to try and get in on EMT and Paramedic rides while at the station seemed to be pushing the narrative that she knows she made a rush choice going to the academy. Of course I know I'm biased so let's see what the next development on that is. Maybe she is just acting on instinct.

I like her involvement in the elderly couple medical case. It was a nice fake out with the woman seemingly being too worried about her husband's breathing problems only to have a heart attack herself after.

The generator going out was nice rise in tension as well. Nicely done.

Let us talk a little about some of the small stories.

Clark gets tied up getting some beans (which take a little too long to get) at a store when the power is out. He fights off two thugs who come back with more thugs who this time have guns. As Clark looks like he's about to get shot, the patrol car with Hawkins shows up. It felt a little deus ex machina to me, with the cops just showing up like that.

Especially since Clark tried to call but didn't have service. Also because that patrol car was supposed to be watching the station.

I would have had Clark's call go through and have the patrol car arrive just in time, or have Hawkins get a throwaway line that was something like "Cruz asked us to check on you because you haven't been back yet", or something like that.

Still not ideal because they again should have stayed at the station, but it is better than what we got.

Also it would have been a nice subtle nod to the audience that said: yeah we know he took forever to get the beans.

Some humorous moments with Boden seeing Otis and Katie kissing in the bathroom and Otis seeing Boden kissing the woman from the last episode. Having Boden initially investigate the bathroom after the hooker comes out was a genius move.

Casey played a major role in this episode, dealing with how bad his memory loss might be. There was a lot of great fake outs with this story - remembering his combination finally, having a headache, not remembering the name of a tool, remembering that he put it back and us finding the attacker for Severide holding it. Great stuff.

Casey hitting his head after getting pushed by the attacker reminded me of how woozy football players look after concussions. I really loved the cliffhanger of Casey bleeding from the ear.

It wasn't the "oh, no! Is Casey going to die?!" shock (spoiler alert - he isn't) that I got, it was the appreciation for realism the show has for how real these injuries are for the firefighters.

It's a show that has procedural aspects to it, and I'm glad the injuries to the firefighters aren't part of that.

Severide and Katie played a big role tonight as well.

After breaking up a fight between the relative of the person that was put in a coma and the driver's brother, Severide has a meeting with Boden, Casey, and Detective Lindsay from Chicago PD. Apparently the guy Severide beat up is a murderer who was never convicted and he wants revenge (hence the patrol car that should have stayed there).

This eventually climaxes in Casey recognizing the missing wrench from his toolbox and tackling the guy.

This slows him down enough for Lindsay to pull her weapon and arrest him. Again in an episode with all fake outs, this was another great one making us think this was just a one and done thing.

Besides kissing Otis, Katie was dealing with a job offer to open a new restaurant in New York with her boss and move there. The episode made you think she was going to have to decide and tell Otis.

Instead, she ends up getting kidnapped at the end of the episode by some of the same goons who Severide embarrassed. Cool.

The sweetest thing about this is apparently the story concludes on Chicago PD, which airs the day after Chicago Fire. So Severide will be appearing on that with Lindsay and the rest of the police. Super fun.

I would imagine they normally wouldn't do this that often and would just stick to cameo appearances on the different shows.

I can only imagine the groups of people who don't know about the fact that Chicago PD is the spin-off show and tune into the new Chicago Fire when it returns and be super confused.

Maybe they'll cut in scenes from Chicago PD's episode tomorrow into the next Chicago Fire during the "previously on" segments to a) get people caught up and b) get any out of the loop Chicago Fire viewers to become aware of Chicago PD and how the story concluded.

Apparently they're shipping Lindsay and Severide already. All I'm going to say about that is: I'm intrigued.

As I said on my Chicago PD reviews, it would be interesting to see who Lindsay reveals her story to. Severide would be a compelling choice.

Strong episode for Chicago Fire leading into the break. A lot to reflect on and a lot to look forward to. See you when Chicago Fire returns.

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