TV Review: Almost Human Season One Episode Ten "Perception"

Perception lost for me a little bit, but gained my interest in other areas. Let's get into it and I'll explain.

The case this week evolved around three girls who OD on a new drug the team has to track down. It seemingly causes the brain of the victim to overload on sensory information.

By investigating the school of the victims, they find one the pills.

It turns out they're genetically modified with individual DNA for the specific person. We're also introduced to a new group of people - chromes -- who are genetically modified humans who have certain corrected things like genetic addictive traits fixed.

Other chromes like Valerie, are just insanely good looking. Maybe she has other modified traits, we just haven't been introduced to them yet.

The group finds a girl who wasn't a chrome like the other two who died, who actually drowned before she could OD. They track down the pharmaceutical printing press responsible for them, and eventually find a recording of the girl telling her boyfriend why she took them.

When a normal kid takes them, the drugs cause them to see their natural limitations, and how they will never be as good as the genetically altered chromes. So she ended up walking into the ocean and drowning herself.

Science Fiction is interesting.

It can seem incredibly complicated to write, yet allows the writers to solve certain plot points like Rudy identifying what 3 presses could have made the drug based on the structure of it, or Dorian identifying which press made the fatal drugs of the 3 victims by checking "the cloud".

A lot of times instead of questioning it, you're forced as the viewer to go along with it and think "why not?"

So after the recording and interrogation of the boyfriend, the group figures out the mother pressured the victim years ago so much she took the pills to expand her brain, ultimately causing her to see her limitations and drown herself.

Mad that the school of chromes weren't upset by it, she had the press hacked and altered two drug samples to kill two of the chromes back to back.

I'd write more about the case, but that's just it - it was a case. It didn't even have a decent tie-in with Dorian acting almost human (see what I did there?).

Until then, the back story with John, which was featured more heavily, will always be more interesting.

We finally get more of John's flashbacks throughout this episode, which he has to keep taking the pill for. Dorian has started to take notice after John turned off his locator chip the night before, and warns him about the many side effects including memory loss and blackouts to name a few.

Despite that, John keeps taking them after getting further in the flashback - his girlfriend and now traitor Anna wanted to show John something.

After going back to the Asian black market doctor, he figures out it was the Russian Nesting Doll he had on his shelf.

After he is grilled by IA about his relationship with Anna, the IA officer insinuates his feelings for Anna clouded his judgement and didn't let him see she was dirty until it was too late.

Angry, John started throwing away a lot of the virtual notes he had been collecting. He finally gets a call back from the lab who said the doll was a listening device, and that the last upload was 7 hours ago.

Now that is cool. It shows the show knows the back story, and is in control of how they reveal it.

That's a great cliffhanger.

Who is still listening? Was Anna really dirty, or was she maybe trying to warn him about the device? I can't wait until we get more answers and John tracks down Anna. That sounds like exciting TV to me.

Until then, we wait as the season finale approaches.

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