TV Review: Almost Human Season One Episode Eight "You Are Here"

Almost Human's eighth episode You Are Here has John and Dorian tracking down dangerous software that can aid a bullet in real time to find a target. Reminded me of Deadshot, from the Batman series.

In the wrong hands this would be deadly, for obvious reasons.

They first come aware of this software after they find the victim Anton was shot with a bullet with this technology in it. With the help of Rudy, of course.

Back at the station, John and Dorian track down Anton's girlfriend and daughter and put her in a safe house.

With Rudy's help, they figure out the software was sold by Anton to arms dealers, and the arms dealers got Anton killed.

Later on we see as the same people who killed Anton are trying to flip the software for a profit, and kill Anton's girlfriend in the process.

Valerie contributes later to the episode with evidence that Anton has a safety deposit box he visited.

After John and Dorian visit they find a video that shows the arms group was extorting Anton, and that's why he sold the software, not because he was dirty.

This sets the clock running. While the girlfriend thought Anton sold the software because he was dirty, she tells John she wants to visit a scrubber. This starts off an interesting discussion with John, who advocates against using a scrubber, after using it earlier to find out his girlfriend was a traitor.

However, by the time John and Dorian come back to tell the girlfriend Anton wasn't dirty, she escaped from the safe house she was put in and was already heading towards a scrubber.

John and Dorian track her down just in time, and kill the arms dealers who show up. All is saved.

There is an interesting flirty joke moment between Valerie and John after where he seemingly gives her his number, but it's never explicitly said so or not.

We will have to see how that plays out. It was also interesting how John had the human moment connection this week instead of Dorian, with the girlfriend thanking him for not letting her use a scrubber.

This episode had a weird undercurrent in the B story. During the A story, John ended up shooting Richard's Mx leading to an argument. It seemed like John was rehashing the argument he had in the pilot about Mx's. There was also a small mention of John's ex girlfriend turned traitor, but no real progress on that story.

After some digging, I found out this was the 2nd episode shot, and the 8th shown. All that weird undercurrent made sense now.

Other than John having the human moment finally after Dorian usually does, I'm not sure why they switched the order. Still a good episode though.

I laughed when Dorian was shot and then started speaking Korean. Looks like Almost Human goes on a short break for awhile. See you when it gets back.

Photo Credit: Seat 42f