Tee Fergus: Artist, down to a Tee.

Artists of the world now are lacking, nothing really impresses me. Im not a art conoisseur or anything(even though I try to act like I am).

There have been a fair share though and this individual Im about to speak of is one of my pics.

Her name is Tee Fergus or as the people close to her call her "Tee". A vibrant smile, a "only God can judge me demeanour" and the humbleness of a dove. She has all the things every artist should have.
Sitting down to talk with Tee, her opinions are un-biaseed(to an extent) but strong. She's an activist without the political ties, she's a martyr for anything right. She speaks her mind and that comes of clearly in her work. She started at a young age with painting and moved into other things. Impressing people enough to even let her tattoo her work on them, I bet in a couple years they will be honoured. In the summer of 2013 she blessed me with the invitation so see some of her work at the Bushwick Open Art studios, where Tee and other artist had a platform to showcase their work. I went to all the other rooms before getting to Tee's and I have to say it wasn't as impressive as walking into Tee's exhibit. One of her friends had found a discarded piece of wood, look like it was used for some sort of building and she took it and turned it into a masterpiece. Something huge. She was onto something. That day she didn't treat me like some creepy guy coming to critique her stuff. She treated me like family. She offered me beer, wine and even included me in the company toast. I had no choice but to stay fairly close to her.

So I did. I started internet stalking Tee. I was impressed by her progression. She had shows from Brooklyn to Baltimore and even appearances back in her home of Toronto.
Stopping isn't something thats in her vocabulary. Tee throws her imprint on anything she can get her hands on. Bottles, Hats, shirts and even a wall or two. Her vibrance is proven with every stroke. Tee has even moved into starting a campaign called "TAKE BACK YOUR CROWNS" that encourages all artists of whatever form to dream big, think outside of the box, never be marginalized and get the most out of life.

And just like that, she add motivator to her resume. Tee Fergus. A great. Someone to watch out for, an artist with skill and heart.

And is a world where both are disappearing its a blessing to find someone who has both. Artist and Awesome. Its good to know she has everything down to a TEE.