Her name is Shi Wisdom. But Shi she isn't. She's actually far from. When she is off the stage she is quiet, kind of timid, sweet, but still about her business.

When she gets on the stage she transforms from a trained housecat into a ferocious lioness. Her songs are like teeth ripping through hearts of listeners.
I was introduced to this young lady while being in Toronto, I heard a sample of the song on community radio and I had to do my research. So I punched her in on the youtube and I found the video for a classic called "Lovespeak" She and some friends filled up a neighbourhood barbershop where she played the role of a head barber. The name of the shop was called "wisdoms", I wonder if she had any relationship with the owners, that would be cool. Me being the stalker I was took to her youtube page. and there I found gold. Why wasn't she signed? Who was making this or these mistakes? She deserved more. I wanted to become her advocate. I clicked on the next video, it offered a disclaimer of her letting all the listeners and supporters know that she had a song in her heart, she's not Beyonce, she has phlegm in her throat and that she didn't care. I was in love When the video started it commenced with Shi, her hair tied up, as gracious as she could be, no makeup, a bit of lip gloss and all the talent in the world. She gave a small cough getting her vocals ready. And then she began. She threw her voice singing the words to Beyonce's hit "1+1" and after a couple notes, it made me ask myself who Beyonce was. She has a big city feel but also the humbleness of a country girl.
My view of Shi Wisdom, is this. Great.

She doesn't belong on earth. They wouldn't know how to handle her. Nowhere in Canada and nowhere in the States. She needs the moon and beyond. Her greatness is mars. A stop passed heavenly. Yes, thats what she is.

An angel her voice her wings. Her live shows are selfless. She gives all. Her interaction with the crowd is mesmerizing and her name isn't what she shows.

There is nothing "shy" about this gem. Im looking forward to see her shinning bright in the future. Her voice is something this dark industry needs. Shine Shi Shine! We await your presence.

Shi Wisdom singing a cover of Beyonce's "1+1":