I'm a seasonal sports fan. I can't lie. I only get excited at playoff and championship games. I usually have 2 ways to pick my teams.

I usually pick who's most popular, most known or "most deserving" or I pick one person on the other team that I really like, or their off the field story. This year it was so easy.
One day I was scanning the channels and happened to catch a football game with the Seattle Seahwaks who were victorious in the game. They reporter grabbed the nearest player who had been running to the change room and what was about to happen sparked a lot of controversy in the media. Why? A lot dont know. But it did. She grabbed the cornerback who stood 6ft3 and 195 lbs, long dreadlocked hair and energetic as hell. And the first statement popped out. Im the best corner in the game, he exclaimed. He went further to speak about the conflict on field between him and another player. And he spoke about it passionately. He spoke fast and then excused him self.
The news and the net blew up calling him a "thug". As if he said he was gonna shoot up the field or something. I was shocked. I had to watch the clip again. But there was nothing wrong with it. At all. It was just a player speaking passionately about his skill and that was it.

So to see the media calling him "thug" it was extremely disappointing. People were even calling for his suspension. Then at one of his press conferences he squashed all those "thug" rumours. Letting the press know about his past life. I automatically became a fan. Then I heard about another individual that was about to become my favourite. Marshawn Lynch. I heard stories about his thug ways, the mistakes of his past but never about his abilities on field.

Then the morning of the Super Bowl they showed a video of him and where he is coming from, I was in awe. Hard beginnings, a couple of rookie mistakes, some charges here and there but still doesn't mean he deserved to be written off.
On the night of the Super Bowl, I got my snacks right. I sat in the spot I was most comfortable and I watched. I watched the Seahawks put a beating on the Broncos.

I cheered incessantly. I wasn't cheering for a team of athletes, I was cheering for a team of underdogs, the counted out, the forgotten.

In this day and age never count out the underdog, they usually end up on the top. You can't stop what you can't see. Take notes.