On The Rise: Midnight Magic

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Midnight Magic is an ensemble consisting of nine members, both male and female, bringing audiences a mix of funk, disco, electronic and soul sounds.

The group just released their newest album Walking The Midnight Streets, which is now available on PledgeMusic.

Empty Lighthouse had the opportunity to interview Midnight Magic at their performance in Columbus, Ohio, and learned a lot about the background of the band, their upcoming plans and what their inspiration is when it comes to creating their own music.

Read further and get to know Midnight Magic, an eccentric band on the rise.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: How did you get your start in music?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Everyone in Midnight Magic started playing music at an early age and strived to make music our main focus.

We all gravitated to New York City, where we met, and started Midnight Magic.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Who do you consider to be your musical influences?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: That question is tough as there are so many spanning genres, continents, and time.

it all can be heard in our music, we feel. generally, our common ground is funk.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Who do you listen to most while you have down time?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: It's always changing. Tiffany is listening to a lot of Devo and Sparks right now.

Morgan is listening to a lot of Dyke and The Blazers. Andrew has been listening to Tangerine Dream and the score to Valerie.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What has been your most memorable experience while touring?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Cliff jumping at Calvi on the rocks at 9 am. And a killer slice in Denver at 4 am! Also, the cheesesteak in Buffalo at Jim's Steak-Out at 235 am.

They really should call if Buffalo Cheesesteak around the world. And anytime we are hanging in Moscow or Kazakhstan with our friend Dmitry or jamming on Superman with Polyester.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Sly Stone, Prince, George Clinton, Giorgio Moroder, Sly and Robbie, Bootsy.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you want with you?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: A year supply of water, a phone with reception, and a speedboat to get out of there.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What advice would you give to other young people looking to succeed in the industry?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: "Paint with your own paint", Mike Watt once said.

He was advocating being true to yourself and exploring your own ideas free of the pressure of trends and industry standards. We are huge proponents of that.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: When you hit a creativity block, what re-inspires you?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Sometimes when you feel like it's a block, you are actually on the verge of discovery. Power through and keep working, don't over-think what you are doing.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What are your upcoming plans in regards to more touring, recording and releases?
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Working on the next record in our studio in New York, and looking into starting a live residency.

DJing nonstop and heading back to Europe in the spring!

For more information and news from Midnight Magic, be sure to check out their website at http://www.midnightmagicsounds.com !