Movie Review: Reasonable Doubt

Im a huge fan of Samuel. L. Jackson. I love almost everything he put out. I have followed a lot of what he has done in his career and a movie aficionado like myself can't be disappointed.

I was excited to found out that he has a new movie out and I had to rush to watch it. The one is called "Reasonable Doubt". It starts with a scene which is clearly winter, kids running around and smiling without a care in the world. And a overly curious child wondering into the woods, her mother worried out of her wits running to get her. It was an amazing beginning.
The next scene was with a young semi-pompous lawyer coming to the end of defending a case, then racing home to his small baby and wife. Then going out with some friends for a couple drinks. After the night of fun he wanted to get home so he started looking for a cab. Upon telling his friends goodnight he got a collect call from a correctional facility, not knowing who it could be from he hung up, he went back on his phone seconds later to call the cab. In the midst of this phone call he peered across the street noticing 2 gentlemen beside his car. So feeling a bit threatened he pressed the alarm button, the didn't move. He drew closer to them and they walked away. Not having any patience, he jumped in his car. Which would prove to be a bad idea.

He drove for a bit and that drive was interrupted by the sirens of the police. He was scared so he turned down a side street to see if he was being followed but it wasn't for him. He breathed a sigh of relief but that relief didn't last for long after hearing a body colliding with the hood of his car. He washed away the evidence on his vehicle and he trashed the incriminating clothing. He thought he was in the clear. Little did he know, he was wrong.
Samuel's character proves to be diabolical and evil.

Scaring the lawyer character to of his wits most times. This thriller is a definite must see if you're about movies as much as I am. Its unexpected twists and turns give this movie life.

Not your typical movie , some parts will have jumping out of your chair and possibly grabbing it. This movie gets a thumbs up from me. Go see it. It is awesome beyond a reasonable doubt.