Craigslist Prank Gone Too Far

In my crazy, dark over-pranked past, I have done a lot of madness. Prank calls, water balloon pranks, too many to name. All sorts of madness, but do I regret it? Not at all.

But there came a point when I decided I had to take it easy, slow it down and then eventually stop. I got older and I asked myself if there is a limit to it. I asked "is there an adult way to prank?". I really wanted to know.

Why? Because I wanted to do it in a way that people wouldn't think of my as immature or a lunatic of some sort. So while I'm here thinking of way to be an adult prank artist I surf the net.

On the internet I have heard and seen almost anything. I've seen all sorts of pranks, people who eat their mattresses, extreme cheapskates and all sorts of thing but this that I'm about to tell you about is another level.

When does a prank go too far?

A man with a plan and obvious anger on his heart one day did the unthinkable. He made a joke go way too far. He decided for some reason that he would take to the internet and create a false ad on one of the internet's biggest marketplaces "Craigslist". The man figured he would make an ad and send naked men to his neighbours address. I shook my head.

I am all for a good prank but this takes the cake and it does because I am a vindictive soul, but that's neither here or there. As I listen further I find out the man was was arrested and banned from the net for 18 months.

For me, that would feel like a lifetime.

But was that enough? Would it be enough if there was a plethora of naked men knocking on my door and ringing my doorbell? I don't know. This leads me to ask myself, "when does this go too far?"

In a world where people are out trying to outdo the other, who do we rely on to tell us that were getting too far or out of control? I think pranks are fine as long as they are done in good taste. When it comes down to someone's well being in harms way then there is a huge problem. This was laughable when I first heard it, but after thinking about it, someone could have been hurt. What if one of those men would've gotten upset and hurt her, this would have been a bigger situation.

Have fun, just be mindful of those that can be hurt. If it seems out of control then chances are it is. Prank safe, don't over prank. Know your limit and prank within it.

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