Theres been a lot of outrageous stoires I have heard on the net but none like this.

Let me start by saying. A couple years ago a black unarmed male by the named Trayvon Martin was gunned down by an individual by the name of George Zimmerman.

Around this time would have been Trayvon's birthday and he would've been 19. I remember hearing the verdict being in the common room of my building and my heart sank. It felt like he was my family member. And now I revisit the same feeling as I hear he wants to have a "celebrity boxing match". At first I payed it no mind because the internet nowadays is not the best place to believe everything you see. So I ignored it.
Days passed and the rumours grew stronger. I went on the twitter to check if what I was hearing was fact and it seemed like it was. I hit the Facebook next and there was the uproar. It was official. George has connected himself with a promoter whole was willing to put this fight together. At first when I heard this nonsense, I shuddered but expected more from the entertainment world. I didn't know it would go this low. First I heard that Los Angeles rapper "The Game" would be on the other side of this beating George would be receiving. But then the rumours changed. I then heard that George requested mogul Kanye West to get in the ring with him. But we all know that wouldn't be happening then it took a sick turn.

I heard Georgy would be fighting a frail, intoxicated, passed his prime Yonkers rapper DMX. I feel disappointed. Almost defeated. Where did society go wrong?
I tried to stay as unbiased as possible but this is hard. A child murderer. Posting pics, smiling, dukes up. Accepting a challenge and of course the people are eating this up. Fueling the fire.

The best way to combat these issues is simple, turn your back. Pay no attention to such foolishness. What if lucks shines his way and ends up winning. He will be a victor, in many ways.

One for killing an unarmed teen and number living free outside of prison ridiculing the deceased and his family. Does an extension of his 15 minutes of fame need to be given? I don't think so.

Let the dead rest, let the family have peace and lets leave this tragedy where it should be. The past.