Men Charging To See Banksy In NYC: Welcome To The Art World

Someone makes art, someone else profits. A YouTube video is turning viral over the past couple days and it depicts men covering a Banksy piece and charging people in New York to see it and take photos. It could be a clear indication of American greed...

or poverty.... but I think its meaning goes beyond a simple action. This is a perfect metaphor for the art world.

What an amazing example of capitalism at its best. Opportunity = Success... or you may choose to look at it like Creativity = Greed.

This is the basic premise for galleries and art dealers throughout the world. Most galleries or dealers take at least 50% of all sales and they do not pay artists for materials, supplies, studio space, or in the down months where sales aren't coming through.

And whereas I understand that a gallery is a business it just feels wrong to give the artist less than half of what is entirely their own creation.

The Banksy fiasco in New York is entertaining and I'm actually surprised how relevant he still seems to be. What's less surprising, at least for me, is when the greed of people outside the artwork takes over.

What's so shocking about men charging to view a Banksy piece? Welcome to the art world.

Photo courtesy of NY Post