Latest Spray: Chor Boogie

Back when we launched Empty Lighthouse, we contacted a few names that we thought would be perfect for our vision. Famed spray artist Chor Boogie was at the top of our list and luckily for us, he gave us an interview.

We stumbled upon him recently and wanted to do a little follow up. So, we asked him a few questions about what he's been up to lately and his thoughts other things like 5Pointz and Banksy...

We saw that you've been putting in alot of work this year for the Heineken Mural Project. How did you get involved and how has the experience been?
This project was actually started by Lizzie Easton of soul productions and she loves my work plus she is a very good friend and she approached me and my agent and we took it from there..

the experience was cool .. I especially loved the Art Basel experience because ..well hey, it's art Basel Miami what more do i need to say..

We saw the release of 'The Divided State of America' show, a show about the government shutdown. Was this show planned in advance or pushed by the events? Tell us more about the show.
That show was like a premonition to the possible shutdown ..but it basically explains everything and every problem in the US and the world to the point.. and the show was amazing we launched it at the DNC for the reelection of Obama.. the show was huge packed house ..

celebrities and politicians and the common folk under one roof .. with Talib Kwali Djing .. what more can you ask for... DOPE..

Spraypaint: The Movie - Is that still happening?
To my understanding is i have no control over it even though its about me ..its all up to the production company ...

contact Sarah Fisher if you need to know specifics about the film.. she is creating it and would be happy to let anyone know further more about it.

What do you think of the pending destruction of 5Pointz?
These things happen ... sucks because it was an outlet for people to practice skills...

they just need to pick it up somewhere else. Shouldn't be a sign of a shut down but an opportunity for bigger things..

Banksy is making alot of waves in NYC right now, what do you think of the artist and his work?
I don't really think of his work... because i don't think he thinks of mine...

some of his past stuff was clever that i thought was dope..

What's next for you? know doing murals working on this lifetime body of work...Ill be in NYC from Nov 4th to 15th working with then art Basel Miami from the 15th till Dec 10th..

then hopefully chillin for the holidays..

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